Steps away from your financial security

+ 65 years old

Finally…retirement! The opportunity to ‘’re-process’’ one’s life to fully enjoy the beautiful years ahead of us.

What is your situation? Health? Financially free? In debt? You have dreams, projects; will you be able to realize them?

Beyond bad financial choices, illness, other life events are to be expected whether we like it or not.

Planification financière | +65 ans | Diane Alarie Financial planning | 65 + years | Diane Alarie

“The results of the Quebec Survey on Activity Limitations, Chronic Diseases and Aging (QEQLV, 2010-2011) show that 7.3% of people aged 15 to 64 have a disability classified as moderate or severe, but that this rate rises to 26.1% among those aged 65 and over, to reach 59.1% among those aged 85 and over.” **

Till death do us part

Whether it’s your spouse, your mother, a grandparent, a brother, a sister, grief is always an ordeal. There is no hierarchy in pain. But losing your husband, your wife, the person with whom you shared your days and nights, is a violent trauma. “Let the words” for better or for worse” were or were not pronounced one day, writes Dr. Christophe Fauré, psychiatrist, in his essay Vivre le deuil au jour au jour (Albin Michel), we had welcomed with joy the best and we had tried to accommodate the worst, but we had quickly forgotten this “until death separated us”…”As for the future, the dreams we had developed and cherished together, the trips we would one day have time to make, the grandchildren we would see grow up together, we must also mourn them.” *

Did you know that RAMQ does not cover these costs ?

Paramedical care, etc…

Eye care: glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery

Dental care, periodontics

Convalescent care

Financial health designed for you ?

Your advisor will guide you to different avenues that will meet your needs.


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