Steps away from your financial security

20 - 25 years old

Wow ! We are young, beautiful and have our lives ahead of us. Many of us will enter the job market, start affording possessions, travel and start a life together.

The financial planification is coming together for better or worse…

With a salary, we feel rich and we spend…For some, debt is looming. For others, the responsibility and commitment related to work brings us challenges.

For others, it will be an opportunity to start an enviable long-term financial planification.

planification financière Financial planning | 20-25 years | Diane Alarie

Whatever your choice is, there are different ways to think about it !

Financial health designed for you ?

During this period, different factors can occupy our thoughts, find out more:

Financial health starts early in life. A meeting with Diane Alarie will guide you to your financial success.

  • Loan management

  • Life insurance

  • Critical illness insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Healthcare insurance

  • Expenses at death

  • Invest in a TFSA